The Main Reasons Why Your Washer Stops Spinning

A broken washing machine is a shortcut to hell. There can be nothing as worse as heaps of clothes pending inside a machine that cannot even work. The ramifications are there for certain reasons and it is important that you know these reasons to be able to analyze the problem. Here are a few reasons why your washer has stopped spinning.



This happens when one side of the machine is loaded heavier than that of the other side. The clothes must be distributed evenly otherwise the machine will automatically shut itself down once it senses the imbalance to prevent any further mechanical damage to its system or to the surroundings. Turn off your washer and re-adjust your clothes to create the appropriate balance. Also, drain the excess water before you start the spinning.



Sometimes, lint and other items (especially when pockets of clothes are not emptied) get collected in the drain trap. Once the drain trap is clogged, the machine shuts down automatically. Clean the drain trap and make sure that it remains clear of such debris.



One of the major reasons that keep your washer from spinning is a worn-out drive belt. Listen to sounds of the beds slipping or whining that can indicate to you that the belt might need a replacement. In such cases, instead of trying to fix the problem by yourself, it is more advisable that you hire a licensed technician to do it for you. The technician will also be able to check if the motor glide is working properly. Besides, under such supervision, you will get a proper belt replacement which will provide both better performance and warranty to ensure the longevity.



The function of the clutch-assembly is to lock the transmission to support the spinning of your washer. However, sometimes, the clutch pads become worn-out because of friction. Your machine may have shavings or a burning smell when you wash. You will need to hire assistance to understand if the clutch is scraped and in case it is, you will need the technician to replace it for you.



The function of the direct driving motor coupling is to transfer power from the motor to the transmission. It is found in some top-load and front-load machines, used instead of belts. With time, the coupling will start slipping causing the machine to fail in engaging the drive folks that make the spinning happen. You will need to hire a licensed technician to repair or replace the direct drive motor coupling as soon as possible.



In many old models of top-loadwashing machine, a lid switch is provided to operate the spinning in a safer mode. The washer lid is linked to a pin that activates when the lid is closed. If the lid is closed tightly, it means the switch is activated. However, if the motor is not running when the switch is activated, it means the lid has some defects in it. Consult your technician to resolve and do not bypass it to avoid accidents.