Amana Appliance Repair Services in LA

History of Amana

In 1934, the company was originally founded under the name The Electrical Equipment Company. Their first products were walk-in coolers, built for businesses. In 1947, after being acquired by the Amana Society, they began producing freezers and refrigerators for consumer households. Their business continued to expand when they started production on AC units, furnaces, washers and dryers. After being owned for a short period of time by Raytheon (the company who had invented the microwave oven), they were passed through a few more businesses before eventually being purchased by Maytag and subsequently Whirlpool. Goodman Global, an HVAC company, now owns their AC and furnace business, while Whirlpool continues to produce appliances under the Amana brand name.

Companies that have been manufactured by, or manufactured for Amana, include:

  • Whirlpool
  • Maytag
  • Goodman
  • Raytheon
  • Jenn-Air
  • Admiral
  • Magic Chef
  • Modern Maid

Amana appliances we service include, but are not limited to:

  • Refrigerator & Top Freezer – Most common in households, it has been the leading style since the 1940’s. Some budget models and mini-fridges use a freezer chest as opposed to a separate compartment.
  • Refrigerator & Bottom Freezer – Created to provide easier access to refrigerator items, as they are needed more often than freezer.
  • Side by Side Refrigerators – Also called “American Style”, they were invented by Amana to provide more freezer space. Left is the freezer, Right is the refrigerator.
  • Standing Freezers – For those with extra room in their kitchen, or who need them simply as extra storage space. Can be free-standing or built-in.
  • Chest Freezers – An indispensable item for those with large families and need a great deal of storage. Also used for commercial purposes, and typically kept outside of the kitchen.
  • Gas Cooktops – Using natural gas, they provide the cook with the ability to perfectly control temperatures with an open flame.
  • Electric Cooktops – Converts electricity in order to heat iron coils, which in turn heat the cookware. Originally created as a novelty, they can be expensive to run. They are seen with both glass/ceramic tops and hotplates.
  • Gas Oven – Traditional and most cost-effective, more models are being released with the ability to become a convection oven for even baking.
  • Electric Oven – Uses electricity to heat elements in the oven in order to cook. Not incredibly cost effective, but can cook more evenly than a conventional gas oven.
  • Freestanding Ranges – Made with Oven and Cooktop combined, they can be entirely gas, electric, or with a gas cooktop and electric oven.
  • Under-Counter Dishwashers – These are occasionally built-in for a more coordinated look. Usually made so that they are easy to install and service, they take the hassle out of hand washing.
  • Top Load Washers – Typically made larger and to hold more clothing, these washers don’t rely upon a door seal and usually require less maintenance.
  • Front Load Washers – Uses less water, less soap, and they are less likely ruin or tear delicate clothing. Require more maintenance for the door seal and bellows.
  • AC Units
  • Furnaces


After Maytag’s acquisition of them, Amana has experienced a few recalls on multiple appliances. A gas range manufactured by Maytag was emitting high levels of carbon monoxide during its broil and self-clean functions, presenting a poisoning hazard to consumers. They had another oven under the Modern Maid brand that would overheat the floor and cause damage to surrounding cabinets, and possibly even start a fire. These are both extreme situations in how an appliance can malfunction, but it is still important to watch for small differences in how yours performs. Calling a repair service quickly may not only save time and money, but ensure the safety of your home and family. Such problems can include:

  • Water Leaks
  • Gas Leaks
  • Overheating
  • Burners not igniting
  • Stove not igniting
  • Freezer not defrosting
  • Frozen coils
  • Inconsistent temperatures

Why go with 180 Appliance Repair Services?

180 Appliance Repair Service’s technicians have spent years in the field, repairing Amana appliances, as well as their manufacturer’s Maytag and Whirlpool. They will quickly and confidently diagnose your problem and set on to give you a speedy repair. No matter what the age, make, or model, our vast inventory of parts and components give our experts the materials needed to make your appliance work like new. You can call our customer service agents anytime, 24/7. They will be available to make sure that you get the most convenient appointment to work around your busy schedule. Don’t sit and wait hours for an unprofessional repair man, call 180 Appliance Repair Services today!