Sub Zero Appliance Repair LA

History of Sub Zero Appliances

In 1945, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company came to be. They manufactured cooling systems such as refrigerators, freezers and wine storage. Nearly all of their appliances are available as built-in, but with options to change the doors to match the kitchen cabinets. They have incorporated a unique dual-refrigeration system, to help keep cooling consistent between the refrigerator and freezer. These refrigeration systems can be significantly heavier than the average unit, typically doubling in their weight. They’ve also created a system that allows a consumer’s home security system identify with the wine coolers, since these collections can be prized for some. They are certainly the most popular for built in refrigeration storage. In 2000, they merged with Wolf Range Corporation. All of their manufacturing facilities are in the United States.

Sub-Zero appliances we service include, but are not limited to:

  • Refrigerator & Bottom Freezer – Created to provide easier access to refrigerator items, as they are needed more often than freezer.
  • Side by Side Refrigerators – Also called “American Style”, they were invented by Amana to provide more freezer space. Left is the freezer, Right is the refrigerator.
  • French Door Refrigerators – Two French doors on top for the refrigerator, and a drawer bottom freezer. These have become more prominent since the late 90’s.
  • Built-In Refrigerator – Usually available in any style, these provide the homeowner the ability to save space and coordinate the look of the kitchen. Some brands allow for these to have replaceable door panels, so that they may coincide with the cabinetry.
  • Under-Counter Refrigerators – Can be used as a freezer or refrigerator, and are easily accessible. They can be put into any room for extra storage or entertainment purposes.
  • Wine Cellars – Made to customize the storage temperatures so that wine may be served at its best. Usually with glass doors, so that bottles can be on display to visitors as well.
  • Standing Freezers – For those with extra room in their kitchen, or who need them simply as extra storage space. Can be free-standing or built-in.


Sub Zero has always been the leader in the appliance market. With refrigeration units for both home and businesses, Sub Zero caters to a wide market. Sub-Zero typically recalls individual parts as opposed to entire units, and will send technicians out on their behalf to inspect the products for free.

Of course, these appliances can still experience problems from time to time, and working with them directly can be expensive. It’s important to not anything out of the ordinary with your appliance and get repairs before the issue becomes more serious.

We, at 180 Appliance Repair, believe that you worked hard to buy your appliances. You don’t have to throw appliances away just because you are facing some problems with them. Our industry trained service professionals can handle even the toughest repair jobs. Just let us know, and we will try our best to make your appliances run as quickly as possible.

Because of the technicalities of modern day appliance, you can face any number of issues. They can be a simple tightening of a nut or a full blown replacement. It always helps to be aware of some common problems that you might face with Sub Zero appliances. It will help you prevent any downtime and wastage of precious food. These problems can include –

Over-freezing in the fridge and freezer

Leaks around the housing

Not cooling or not maintaining the required temps

Loud/Unusual noises when the compressor is working

Lights not working because of a fuse or loose wires

Freezer will not defrost because of clogging

Rust around the body because of leaks

Ground problems because of bad cabling

Reliable Sub-Zero Appliance Repair Service in Los Angeles

At 180 Appliance Repair, we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction in Sub-Zero appliance repair and maintenance services. Giving due consideration to your busy schedule, our appliance repair services in Los Angeles, go out of their way to work around your agenda and inspect your faulty appliances for free. Maintaining the highest levels of Sub-Zero refrigerator systems and appliances is our ultimate goal.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians practice a policy of explaining and communicating the appliance repair issues with clients prior to servicing your home appliances. Being comfortably located in Los Angeles, we provide prompt and reliable services for Sub-Zero appliance repairs in LA and nearby areas. Since the origination of 180 Appliance Repair, our appliance repair experts have been providing 24×7 emergency services to homeowners. Along with access to eminent parts and components of inventory, our technicians have the ability to diagnose the problems and finish the repair in the shortest span of time, assuring you worry-free maintenance and repair services at fair and competitive prices. As Sub-Zero appliances rank at the top, our technicians in LA are certified, thoroughly screened and trained to handle advanced appliances.

180 Appliance Repair - Your Sub-Zero Repair Experts

Here at 180 Appliance Repair, our repair experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable in handling and maintaining your Sub-Zero home appliances. Our repair technicians travel around the areas of Los Angeles, providing you with quality services, catering to your unique needs and resolving the issue as soon as possible.  Our experts specialize in repair and maintenance of Sub-Zero refrigerator systems, keeping their performance updated and effective. In comparison to other repair companies in Los Angeles, our appliance technicians use factory produced inventory parts and components, striving towards prompt and satisfactory repair solutions.

We respect and value your property and that is the reason why 180 Appliance Repairs are considered to be the best appliance service for your household appliances. Our experts carry cleaning supplies and use protective coverings to ensure a neat and tidy conclusion to every service visit. With our extensive and varied experience in repairing the Sub-Zero ice machines, wine coolers, and refrigerators; our field technicians are highly trained and have valuable knowledge in dealing with your home appliances in Los Angeles and nearby places.

Why go with 180 Appliance Repair Services for Sub Zero Appliance Repair and Maintenance?

Our technicians are the best in the business, and have spent years in the field repairing Sub-Zero built-in refrigerators, freezers and wine-coolers. Our experts have access to the largest parts and components inventory in the industry, enabling them to not only diagnose quickly, but finish the repair in a snap compared our competitors. We will always show up at our appointed time, with fast and friendly service. Our representatives are available 24/7, and will work around your schedule to find the most convenient time for you. Don’t settle for an unprofessional repair man, contact 180 Appliance Repair Services today!

So if you are having any problem with your Sub-Zero home appliances feel free to consult our technicians and get the problem resolved. You can call us at 213-545-7777 to get your Sub-Zero appliances serviced.