Viking Appliance Repair Services in LA


  • Gas Cooktops – Using natural gas, they provide the cook with the ability to perfectly control temperatures with an open flame.
  • Electric Cooktops – Converts electricity in order to heat iron coils, which in turn heat the cookware. Originally created as a novelty, they can be expensive to run. They are seen with both glass/ceramic tops and hotplates.
  • Induction Cooktops – Provides faster and more cost-efficient heating. Cookware must be ferrous metal and have a flat bottom in order to work. Heats only the pan, never letting the surface get hot enough to make spilled food burn or stick. If the pot is removed, the element automatically turns off.
  • Gas Oven – Traditional and most cost-effective, more models are being released with the ability to become a convection oven for even baking.
  • Electric Oven – Uses electricity to heat elements in the oven in order to cook. Not incredibly cost effective, but can cook more evenly than a conventional gas oven.
  • Steam Oven – Comes with a reservoir that must be filled with water before cooking. Keeps food moist, but does not brown pastries or meats.
  • Convection Oven – Circulates and distributes heated air around the food to allow it to cook more evenly. Can be either gas or electric.
  • Wall Ovens – Built in for convenience to the consumer, they can be stacked/installed with multiple to provide more option for the cook.
  • Freestanding Ranges – Made with Oven and Cooktop combined, they can be entirely gas, electric, or with a gas cooktop and electric oven.
  • Refrigerator & Bottom Freezer – Created to provide easier access to refrigerator items, as they are needed more often than freezer.
  • Side by Side Refrigerators – Also called “American Style”, they were invented by Amana to provide more freezer space. Left is the freezer, Right is the refrigerator.
  • French Door Refrigerators – Two French doors on top for the refrigerator, and a drawer bottom freezer. These have become more prominent since the late 90’s.
  • Built-In Refrigerator – Usually available in any style, these provide the homeowner the ability to save space and coordinate the look of the kitchen. Some brands allow for these to have replaceable door panels, so that they may coincide with the cabinetry.
  • Under-Counter Refrigerators – Can be used as a freezer or refrigerator, and are easily accessible. They can be put into any room for extra storage or entertainment purposes.
  • Wine Cellars – Made to customize the storage temperatures so that wine may be served at its best. Usually with glass doors, so that bottles can be on display to visitors as well.
  • Under-Counter Dishwashers – These are occasionally built-in for a more coordinated look. Usually made so that they are easy to install and service, they take the hassle out of hand washing.
  • Warming Drawers
  • Wall Hoods
  • Island Hoods


Viking appliances produce some of the best home appliances in the market. Unfortunately in 2009, Viking had its first recall of one of their products (a refrigerator). They were deemed to be unsafe by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and they were forced to pay a great deal in penalties after failing to mention the defects.

Viking products are built well and also provide the support to go along. But just like any appliance, wear and tear may start to develop after some years of usage. In case of a breakdown, we at 180 Appliance Repair are here to help you. We will make sure to repair your Viking product in a quick and efficient manner with our years of experience.

It always helps to be aware of what problems could arise in any appliance. In this way, you could be more careful. It helps you to avoid downtime and hassles. Many things can go wrong but some of the issues include-

Gas Ranges not Igniting – You may hear ticking noises, or even worse the range won’t even light up

Oven not Heating Up- Thermostat is not working as intended or the temperature setting is not holding up

Over-freezing- the defrost system is not working properly

Inconsistent freezing- Leaks, or bad evaporator coils

Dishwasher Leaking – Defective pump or broken seals and hoses

Faulty lighting – electrical problems lie wiring or faulty switches

Faulty door hinges – any fridge, oven, dishwasher with loose hinges

Rust – Water seepage or leaking

History of Viking

Since 1987, Viking (AKA Viking Range Corporation) has been providing homes and businesses with professional grade appliances. Originally manufactured in California, they started with ranges and soon moved on to including range hoods, refrigerators and wine cellars. Their growth was unexpected by the founder, Fred Carl, Jr. To keep up with demand, he and his team established a manufacturing location in his hometown, Greenwood, Mississippi in 1990. Viking began providing training at their Viking Cooking School in 2005 (also located in Greenwood). This was included with the opening of their bakery (Mockingbird Bakery) and The Alluvian Spa, as additions to the already well-known tourist town.

Reliable Viking Appliance Repair Service in Los Angeles

180 Appliance Repair provides efficient Viking appliance repair services in Los Angeles and in closely situated areas.  With our dealing in a variety of Viking services in electric cooktops, gas cooktops, gas ovens, heating and furnaces, freestanding ranges and refrigerator systems, our repair experts are qualified, trained and well-versed with the problems associated with kitchen appliances. Our Viking repair technicians here in Los Angeles are available at your service 24×7. No matter what type of problems you are having with your kitchen appliances, our Viking experts facilitate you with quality to ensure optimal performance of your systems.

Our employees here in Los Angeles, are full-time factory-trained technicians possessing relevant skills and knowledge to operate on your expensive viking appliances. Since years we have been providing valuable and effective services, focusing customer satisfaction and improved performance. Being centrally located in LA, we provide top class Viking appliance repair services in minimum time and at competitive rates. We believe in discussing the kitchen problems with our clients and assist them with a fruitful advice. Our experts give due consideration to your busy schedules and work depending on your flexibility of time. Our repair technicians have undergone proper training to diagnose the problem, recommending the possible repairs to revive your appliance in good working conditions.

Your Local Los Angeles Viking Appliance Experts

At 180 Appliance Repair, our Viking appliance repair experts follow the motto of satisfying our customers and clients by providing them quality services to upkeep their kitchen appliances. Our experienced and trained technicians are always ready to provide emergency services and are just a call away. We follow the principles of inspecting and diagnosing your unique kitchen problems and facilitating you with beneficial services and recommendations. All our repair experts are equipped with tools and quick moving parts to provide you on-site repair services, resolving your kitchen problems in no time.

Our qualified and certified technicians have access to any type of component that you may need to solve the viking system problems and assure you with excellent services in Los Angeles. With in-depth knowledge of all the parts of the units, our Viking appliance experts guarantee smooth functioning of your appliance.

Why go with 180 Appliance Repair Services?

Our technicians have been working with Viking products for years, and are well versed in any issues they may have. Units such as these can be expensive, so purchasing a new one is typically out of the question. When you call our experienced staff, who is available 24/7, you’ll know that we will do whatever is necessary to provide you with the fastest diagnostic and service possible. Our technicians have access to any part or component your appliance may need, and always keep their appointments. No more waiting around all day for the possibility of your service man to show up… save both time and money by calling 180 Appliance Repair Services today!

If you feel like availing our quality services to repair your faulty kitchen appliances, don’t feel hesitant to contact us at 213-545-7777 and fix your appointments.