GE Is Releasing an App-Powered Pizza Oven

Home chefs and pizza enthusiasts know the struggle of searching for the right at-home pizza oven. There are outdoor pizza ovens, but those are inconvenient and only available to people with enough room in their backyard to put an entire outdoor kitchen appliance. Indoor pizza ovens pose the problem of being substantially ventilated and are generally difficult to integrate into an already existent kitchen design.

Indeed, a home pizza oven can cause a home owner a pretty penny; it could easily prompt an entire remodel.

But times are changing; finally, GE has provided its customers with an easier way to make the perfect home-made pizza without tearing up their kitchen or walking outside. The new Monogram Pizza Oven allows for owners to finally have a reliable and convenient way to cook the perfect pizza every time, from inside their own kitchen.

monoThe appliance is a combination of elegant Monogram styling and the futuristic technology of FirstBuild, allowing the Monogram Pizza Oven to offer an old world taste in a futuristic package. The result is an appliance that easily ranks among the top threshold of space-age appliances on the market.

Unlike the current market’s proliferation of bulky, difficult-to-install pizza ovens, the Monogram Pizza Oven fits easily into the small space of a standard wall oven cavity. That said, you can still fit a large family-sized pie inside. Part of the Monogram Pizza Oven’s easy installation traces back to its compact interior ventilation system; this is a first for home pizza ovens on the market and makes it possible to purchase a pizza oven for your home that requires absolutely no special installation or construction.

It’s also unbelievably effective; after an impossibly fast 30-second preheat, the Monogram Pizza Oven can cook your pizzas in only two minutes using only regular electric power. It has zero-controlled heating, allowing you to isolate and maintain the perfect temperature for your pizza toppings. This is particularly important if you want your pizza crust to be perfectly crisp, your mozzarella to bubble just enough, and your veggies to cook but stay juicy.

Now for the kicker: the oven will be app-enabled, meaning that you can cook a pie with the same effort it takes to check your email on your smartphone. This is another industry first, as no other manufacturer has seen a reason to make a pizza oven be app enabled. Just be careful; if you start cooking up your pizza during your commute, you may well burn it two minutes later.

These are just some of the amazing features of this innovative oven, a result of a new model of manufacturing that originates with FirstBuild. FirstBuild approaches the high-end consumer appliance market with creativity and the intention to challenge other manufacturers to match that creativity. Wayne Davis, commercial leader at FirstBuild, says that consumers should see the Monogram Pizza Oven as just the first of many amazing products to come.

zaaa“We saw a considerable market gap when it came to the available at-home options for pizza enthusiasts and home chefs,” Davis explained. “Outdoor pizza ovens lacked convenience, and indoor options often require substantial ventilation. The Monogram Pizza Oven easily integrates into the luxury kitchen, offering professional-style pizzas any time.”

Wondering when you can take home your very own Monogram Pizza Oven? Unfortunately the app-powered pie-maker won’t hit the market until May of 2016, and it well set pizza enthusiasts back by about $9,900.

It’s a steep price, but there’s something to be said for the ability to have the perfect pizza whenever you want it, without leaving your house or waiting for delivery.

And who knows? If consumers love the product, someone may well see fit to make a cheaper one so that larger markets can get their hands on that pizza app.