Miele Products That We Repair

Baking and Steam Cooking – Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Steam Ovens

Hobs and Combisets – Induction and Gas Hobs

Cooker Hoods – Wall and Island Hoods, Ceiling Extractors, Downdraft Extractors

Coffee Machines – Full sized and Countertop Machines

Refrigeration – Fridge, Freezers

Wine Conditioning Units – Wine Coolers

Dishwashers – Built-in and Freestanding

Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers – Washing Machines, Washer Dryers, Tumble Dryers

Vacuum Cleaners – Cylinder and Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Complications That You Can Face With Your Miele Product

Miele Appliances are some of the best kitchen and home appliances that you can find in the market. The German engineering shines through their products. Both business and home products are made to the same professional standards that signify Miele’s approach – immer besser which translates to “continuously better”.

But whaterver the product is, you can always face some problems. To help you with any Mieler appliance related problem, we are at 180 Appliance Repair are here to help. Many things can go wrong but some of the issues include-

Gas Hobs not Igniting – You may hear ticking noises, or even worse the hob won’t even light up

Oven not Heating Up- Thermostat is not working as intended or the temperature setting is not holding up

Over-freezing- the defrost system is not working properly

Dishwasher Leaking – Defective pump or broken seals and hoses

Washing Machine Not Spinning – Torn belt or faulty motor

Faulty lighting – electrical problems lie wiring or faulty switches

Faulty door hinges – any fridge, oven, dishwasher with loose hinges

Rust – Water seepage or leaking

Vacuum Cleaner Problem – Broken Belts, Noisy motor, Heating

Miele Appliance Repair Services LA

Miele appliances LA deliver premium quality domestic appliances for your home and kitchen. We focus not only on the sturdiness and quality of our products but at the same time on design and aesthetic value thus making our appliances as ornamental for your home as they are functional.

Our appliances are made to serve your convenience over long times with minimum damage. We try our best to increase the e longevity of the appliances by using best quality material, however, even the best of appliances may wear down in due course of time or undergo certain accidental damages. What you need to get your Miele appliances working again is to get an expert to repair the appliance. You can simply book for our expert technician to visit you and fix the appliance in the shortest time possible. In most instances we might be able to fix the appliance the same day you call us. We try our best to service or repair your appliance within hours of your call or the quickest possible in case of damages that require time and new machine parts to fix.


There ought to be times when an appliance stops functioning right when you need it the most. You don’t want to be stuck with pending laundry and the washing machine damaged or your oven to be out of function when guests are coming over for dinner that night. For those times we have a rapid response repair system to get your Miele appliance repaired almost immediately with no time lost. To have your Miele appliances repaired is only an email or phone call away. We employ only the best skilled local technicians in Los Angeles for your Miele Appliance repair and provide a 1 year national warranty on any parts or services we provide during our repair visit.

We are your Miele Appliance Repair Experts in Los Angeles

Even the toughest and high-quality household appliances may fail, leaving you with no option but to either buy a new one or get it repaired. However, choosing the right appliance repair company is a must. At, 180 Appliance Repair, we understand how difficult and uncomfortable it can be to live without household appliances. After all, they make our lives comfortable.  This is why we offer one of the most competent and reliable Miele appliance repair services in Los Angeles.

Located in Los Angeles, 180 Appliance Repair Services has years of experience in maintenance and repair of Miele appliances with specialization in refrigerator repairs, dishwasher repairs and much more. Our trained technicians can handle almost any repair project and get your appliance to run efficiently. Backed by years of continuous learning, our Miele repair technicians are licensed and certified to carry on any appliance repair work.

We have built our reputation as one of the most reliable appliance repair services in Los Angeles. It is because of our dedication and quality workmanship, we have been winning the trust of homeowners, landlord, and businesses in Los Angeles. As leading appliance repair experts, we only strive for excellence which is truly reflected in our work. Our technicians will arrive at your home fully prepared to perform the work in a most professional way.

Why Choose 180 Appliance Repair for Miele Repairs?

Customer Service is our #1 Priority

Professionals, at 180 Appliance Repair, are ready to walk the extra mile to deliver you a seamless customer experience.  We work tirelessly to ensure our clients get the service they deserve. Over the years, we have developed a strong dedication to customer service ensuring our clients are satisfied after every service visit.  We are transparent in our pricing and there are no hidden costs in our appliance repair services.

Same Day Repairs

Even the best appliances can fail without any prior notice.  This is why; we leave no stone unturned to get your appliance running back normally.  Unlike the other repair companies in the market that leave you waiting for a whole day, we promptly answer your calls and address the problem in the quickest time possible.

Unmatched Expertise

Needless to say, only the knowledgeable and experienced technicians can repair your appliances successfully. We take pride in the expertise of our trained staff who can pull of any repair work regardless of the brand and model.

If you are looking for Miele appliance repair services in Los Angeles, contact 180 Appliance Repair. Our friendly staff would be happy to assist you.